Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

We are all aware of how crucial essay writing is to a student’s academic career. Each student has to write at least a few essays along their journey. As a result, they might be required for one or more extracurricular activities or included in the academic curriculum. The conclusion is that writing essays is a crucial component of earning good grades in academics. Thus, topics for compare and contrast essays in 2020 are interesting and stimulating.

Similar to other essays, comparison and contrast essays are crucial for a person’s cognitive development. Essays that compare and contrast different topics are crucial because they let students outline both the advantages and disadvantages of the topic at hand. Students’ learning becomes more thorough and robust once they are able to comprehend both sides of the argument.


What are Compare and Contrast Essays?

Essays on comparison and contrast, as the name implies, emphasise comparison and contrast. Essays that compare and contrast two or more topics are a type of academic assignment. The goal is to investigate and draw parallels and distinctions between the relevant topics.

Let’s use a little example to explain the College Essay Guide. Consider the scenario where you are required to write a compare and contrast essay on the subject of “Growing up in a Nuclear Family vs. Growing up in a Joint Family.” The essay should examine similarity-related subtopics, such as the existence of close relationships (parents, siblings, etc). It should also go over the differences, such as the emotional and social ties to grandparents, etc.

Building a Compare and Contrast Essay

If you need to construct a compare and contrast essay, dissect the term into its component words. Finding the parallels between the two quite different themes you have picked is what is meant by “compare” in this context. The nature, range, degree, and size of the similarities can be different. The only guiding principle is that there must be some points of convergence.

Thus, the comparisons are based on the commonalities. The contrast is covered in the next section. Contrast, as its name suggests, is about disparities between the subjects at hand. These subjects will have many differences to explore and clarify because they are two distinct topics of conversation. As a result, the main goal of compare and contrast essays is to recognise and emphasise the similarities and differences between two themes.

How to pick Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020?

It’s crucial to choose the best compare and contrast essay topics for 2020. The most important thing is to make sure the two topics you choose have anything in common. For instance, it is impossible to construct a compare and contrast essay if you choose two topics like “why dogs bark” and “people on the moon.” The simple answer is that these two topics cannot be contrasted or compared.

Make sure that the themes you choose for your comparison and contrast essays in 2020 have something in common. You must, however, watch out that their natures are not the same. You won’t be able to tell the two apart in such an instance. As a result, you won’t be able to compare the subjects. The goal of a compare and contrast essay will once more be defeated in this way.

Write a winning essay

Divide your essay into the appropriate sections to write a winning one. Explain why you believe the themes at hand should be compared and contrasted in the introduction to your essay. As a result, the tone of the essay is established. The two sections on comparison and contrast would be addressed next. Divide these more general divisions once more into sub-sections by combining different kinds of similarities and differences.

Wherever possible, it might be a good idea to include facts and numbers in your essay to give it more credibility. Consider that you are defending your position against someone who can only see the differences between the two subjects as you expand on your comparison section.

Consider that you need to persuade them of the similarities. Similar to this, when working on the contrast, concentrate on arguing for distinctions against someone who believes that the subjects are similar. Writing a compare and contrast essay will be a piece of cake for you if you are completely clear on how the two or more subjects at hand are related and how they are similar to or different from one another. While you can turn to essay services for assistance if you still struggle to write essays.

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020

Consider sneaking a peek at the top Compare and contrast essay subjects for 2020 at this point. Pick a subject on which both sides can be developed. It won’t help you to just concentrate on comparison or contrast.

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020 on Healthcare

  • Chemical drug use or abstinence.
  • Medications: homoeopathy vs. allopathy.
  • Choosing to use alternative medicine or not.
  • What distinguishes a psychologist from a psychiatrist?
  • Medications versus herbal treatments.
  • In or out of plastic surgery.
  • What’s better for healthcare: clinics or hospitals?
  • Doctors of different genders.
  • Mobile medical facilities or permanent clinics.

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020 on Technology

  • iOS or android.
  • Mobile phones vs tablets.
  • Netflix vs amazon prime.
  • Facebook vs Twitter.
  • 3D movies or 4D movies.
  • To be on social media or not.
  • Conversations with humans or bots.
  • E-learning vs classroom learning.
  • Apple or One Plus.
  • Machine learning or IoT.

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020 in College

  • Money-saving or not.
  • College versus high school.
  • Colleges: public versus private.
  • Electronic books or books.
  • Real versus virtual classrooms.
  • Clouds in the classroom or not.
  • Attending seminars as opposed to classes.
  • Whether to take college seriously.

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020 on Economy

  • Should economics be a required subject?
  • Political turmoil and economic expansion.
  • Sociology versus economics.
  • Economics versus Economy.
  • Study in business or economics.
  • Economic growth vs a higher standard of living.
  • Income per capita or economic expansion.
  • Poor vs. rich.
  • Is economic expansion beneficial or bad?

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020 on Politics

  • Democracy vs monarchy.
  • Communism against capitalism.
  • Communism versus socialism.
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of Free Trade.
  • Parliamentary system or presidential system.
  • US and UK political systems in comparison.
  • Versus the executive.
  • Fundamental principles of state policy or fundamental rights.
  • Comparing affirmative action and equal opportunities.
  • Expression rights and restrictions on freedom.

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020 on Education

  • Theory and application.
  • Writing research papers or literary works.
  • Online homework assistance or private lessons.
  • American versus Indian educational systems.
  • What’s best between professional and vocational courses?
  • Comparing oral and written learning.
  • Writing a report versus writing a research paper.
  • Which method of education is simpler: that found in books or that found online?
  • Which is more efficient: studying in the room or going to the library?

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020 in Sports

  • Football vs basketball
  • Marathons vs walkathons
  • Indoor sports or outdoor sports
  • Spending time in sports vs studying
  • Early morning workout vs late night workout
  • Running vs gymming
  • Exercising at home or exercising at the gym
  • Tennis vs badminton
  • Rugby vs Soccer
  • Indigenous sports or modern sports

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020 on Career

  • Joining a corporate organisation versus a startup.
  • More education or employment.
  • Working for a company or as a freelancer.
  • Joining a small organisation versus an MNC.
  • Promoting or selling vs arts, engineering, or medical science.
  • Fellowship vs. an internship.
  • Salary vs. stipend.

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020 on Teenagers

  • Getting a scholarship or paying for college.
  • High school versus college life.
  • Online or in-home instruction.
  • Getting a job versus finishing college.
  • Choosing between investing in your education and having fun.
  • Which subject is simpler, math or English?
  • Community initiatives versus athletic competitions in schools.
  • Academics versus extracurricular activities.
  • Behavior differences between boys and girls.

Compare and contrast essay topics for 2020 on Science

  • Which is better for you, physics or chemistry?
  • Which engineering subject should I choose: mechanical vs. chemical homework.
  • Assistance.
  • Nonrenewable vs. renewable energy.
  • Paper vs. plastic.
  • Methods from the past or cutting-edge scientific techniques.
  • Nuclear energy or alternative sources of energy.
  • Tornadoes versus hurricanes.
  • Trees, shrubs, and herbs.
  • Reptiles versus mammals.
  • viruses or bacteria.

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