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What Is Earthing?

What Is Earthing?

What Is Earthing?

People can directly link with the Earth and use its innate electric charges to balance them by earthing, also known as grounding. This entails employing interior grounding systems when sitting or sleeping, or going barefoot outside.

Despite the fact that earthing has a favourable effect on the mind, this method of grounding is distinct from the method employed in mental health treatment. Research on earthing points to a decrease in tension, pain, and inflammation as well as an improvement in mental health in general.  By using this method, the body’s electrical currents and those of the earth are once again connected.

History of Earthing

Indigenous communities have advocated the benefits of the Earth’s healing power throughout history and have defined it in a variety of ways. For instance, the term Qi, which is pronounced “chee,” is used in Chinese medicine to refer to the life force that permeates the entire cosmos.

Ge Hong, a prehistoric philosopher, observed “Both qi and humanity are contained within each other. Every living creature, from heaven and earth to the ten thousand things, depends on qi to survive.”

The 19th century saw a similar concept and study of the natural forces of the soil in Europe. Louis Kuhne wrote and published “The New Science of Healing” in 1891. 3 Then, in 1896, Adolf Just published “Return to Nature”4 which exhorted people to start going barefoot outside.

A few decades later, George Starr White,5 an American physician, started looking into the possibility of using sleeping while grounded (tied to copper wires attached to household pipes) to enhance sleep quality.

The theory that Earth’s electrons can maintain a balance in the electrical current in human bodies is still supported by modern scientists. As individuals look for quick, low-cost solutions to cure themselves, this grounding approach keeps expanding and receiving mainstream attention.

Should I Practice Earthing?

There are indicators that practising earthing will enhance your life. Consider using earthing if:

  • You feel anxious or depressed
  • You’re consistently tired.
  • have a cardiovascular condition.
  • suffer from PTSD or have experienced traumatic events.
  • You experience discomfort and irritation.

Types of Earthing

Reconnecting your energy with the earth through direct or indirect contact is the main goal of earthing practises. These techniques consist of

  • Barefooted outdoor activity
  • lying down on the floor
  • Taking a bath or going swimming
  • Using grounding mats, blankets, patches, and socks when gardening

How to Practice Earthing

There are various methods to include more earth-based activities into your daily life and, perhaps, strengthen your body’s protection mechanisms.

You can earth yourself in the following ways:

  • Take a stroll: Explore ways to make contact with the ground with your bare feet by strolling on grass, sand, or mud. As you walk, pay attention to how the ground feels under your feet and watch out for any sharp edges.
  • Playing in the dirt: involves digging and rubbing the dirt between your fingers. If you live in an apartment, you can start a garden on your windowsill or in your yard to connect with the energy in the soil.
  • Ground yourself indoors: Grounding mats come in helpful by substituting the direct connection you’d experience walking barefoot outside when going outside isn’t an option. Grounding mats mimic the physical connectedness of a nature walk to bring Earth’s electrical currents into the house or office.


You can have a favourable effect on both your physical and emotional health for free and in a short amount of time by earthing. According to experts, 30 minutes should be enough time to start seeing results. You can add earthing treatment into your wellness routine by purchasing grounding socks or connecting yourself to a metal rod outside.

Benefits of Earthing

As modern scientists continue to draw inspiration from antiquated holistic techniques, new medicines will be developed. A potential link between earthing and observable improvements in various health problems has been found in the research.

May Improve Chronic Fatigue and Sleep Disorders

According to a recent study, persons who utilised grounding mats for four weeks experienced less weariness, fewer sleep interruptions, and longer sleep duration. Additionally, many saw improvements in their pain, tension, and despair.

May Boost Immunity

Some scientists think that a living matrix held together by electrical conductivity connects all live cells to the earth. This functions as an immunological defence system that restores the body’s natural immunity by interacting with the matrix, much like antioxidants do.

May Improve Heart Health

According to one study, hypertensive people who used grounding techniques regularly had lower blood pressure.

Tips for Earthing

Like other types of treatment, earthing is not a quick repair. The rewards are positive, but it calls for endurance and patience. Following your decision to include earthing in your healing process, consider the following advice:

  • Speak with a specialist: You should discover a guide to lead you if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of earthing. The greatest techniques, contacts, and resources can be found in a burgeoning earthing community.
  • Adhere to a schedule: As soon as you have things moving, keep going at full speed. You’ll see progress more quickly the more you practise grounding yourself. To develop the habit of doing it, try beginning each day with a routine that grounds you.
  • Be mindful: Whatever method you use, pay attention to yourself and your environment. Continue to be present.

More Studies About Earthing Need to Be Done

Chronic illnesses have underlying medical conditions that need to be treated by your doctor, just like with any therapy.

Studies on earthing are typically understudied and only involve 50 or fewer participants. Additionally, studies carried out by researchers like Gaétan Chevalier, director of the Earthing Institute, have not regularly been duplicated.


Although recent study suggests that earthing has positive effects, it will take some time to ascertain whether the earth-derived electrons actually perform as well as experts anticipate.