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How to Meditate With Crystals

How to Meditate With Crystals

How to Meditate With Crystals

Maybe you’ve seen crystals in a yoga or meditation class or you have some crystals of your own, and you’re curious about how to meditate with crystals or why someone would do that.

Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome all contributed to the development of the current concept that crystals have medicinal properties. Crystals are also thought to carry “qi,” or “life energy,” in Chinese medicine. Crystals are utilised as messengers in the Buddhist religion to transfer different energies.

A shift in consciousness is all that magic is, according to Rebecca Gitana, a licenced crystal healer. You must have faith and be present if you want to feel the power of crystals.

This page describes how to choose your meditation crystals, how to use them during meditation, and the criticism that this technique has received.


Crystals are more than simply attractive rocks. (Technically, they are minerals.) Crystals have been utilised in healing for a very long time, according to ancient writings; it’s only recently that Western culture has embraced them in the resurrection of diverse New Age techniques.

How to Pick Crystals

Gitana advises using intuition when choosing crystals. She advises, “Have an open heart and an open mind and be really curious while you’re collecting stones in a shop. Just pay attention to what is pulling you at the moment.
She claims that one of the greatest advantages of crystals is that they “may help us be more anchored and grounded in the moment by providing us a connection to earth.”

However, Gitana offers assistance on how to start investigating the world of crystals if you’re the type of person who requires a bit more structure or direction as you learn to trust your intuition.

For instance, Gitana advises choosing gemstones in the colours of orange, red, metal, or deep earth tones if you want to feel more grounded. She claims that clean crystals are excellent for connecting to a higher level.

Here are some particular crystals to try out along with some rationale for your decision:

  • Clear quartz is a great first crystal because it is frequently referred to as a “master”
  • crystal that absorbs any energy you give it.
  • Clarity of mind is promoted by amethyst.
  • Celestite: Linked to inner tranquilly
  • Celenite: Effective for clearing other crystals and for meditation.
  • Peacock ore: Spreads a lot of joy and happiness.
  • Petrified wood: eases survival apprehension
  • Tiger’s eye: Symbolizing gaining courage and self-assurance
  • Use the caring stone mookaite when you’re feeling stressed out.
  • Tourmaline: Aids in dispelling negative energy, whether it comes from you or another person.
  • Rose quartz: Rose quartz promotes self-love and inner serenity while dispelling bad energy and replacing it with the energy of love.

According to Gitana, the best stone to choose is the one that seems to be attracting your attention.

Getting to Know Your Crystals

Gitana emphasised “getting to know” your crystals because it is thought that crystals carry energy. You can have them at your bedside or sleep with them to establish a connection. Just keep them close by and learn to read their vibe. You’ll discover what these stones intend to show you.

You can “programme” your crystals, she adds. She explains that you can speak to your favourite crystal and ask it for help if you have trouble flying on an aircraft, for instance. Crystals can convey energy thanks to technological programming.

How to Meditate With Crystals

Although Giana maintains that there is no “wrong” way to meditate with crystals, Verywell Mind has gathered some advice from her on the subject in case you need a place to start.

  • Make an intention: What do you wish to concentrate on during your meditation? What do you want to experience? Choose a crystal or crystals that you are drawn to because of these factors. Keep in mind that there are no “wrong” crystals!
  • Select a tune: You might choose to listen to some soothing music or practise silent meditation. To “activate” the crystals, Gitana claims to occasionally chant or sing.
  • In your right hand: place them. Gitana advises holding them with your right hand because it is the most “respected” hand. Alternatively, if it feels more natural, hold one in each hand.
  • Include your entire body: You could want to cover the body with stones. Lay down, turn on some relaxing music, and place your hands on the body parts that correspond to the various chakras, also referred to as the body’s energy centres. You can use your intuition more effectively by placing them on these areas of your body.
  • Become at ease: Find a peaceful location, and while you meditate, pay attention to the messages the stones are sending you.
  • Slow down: Take your time exiting the meditation and give yourself some time to analyse any issues that may have arisen. Take some time to write in your journal about anything that came up or what you believe the crystals are attempting to communicate.


While many people meditate with crystals, there are also those who are opposed to this technique. Let’s look at some of the causes for this.

Cultural Appropriation

Long before they were employed in the Western culture, crystals have been used for healing throughout history. They have been employed in rituals by Native Americans, Egyptians, Buddhists, and Jews. Many of these communities were frequently persecuted for engaging in these behaviours.


Be cautious to respect the history and background of any practises you choose to engage in, such as crystal healing, and practise cultural appreciation rather than cultural appropriation.

It’s Hard to Know for Sure If Using Crystals Really Work

There is, however, less evidence to support the claim that crystals themselves are genuinely beneficial. Instead, studies have demonstrated the potency of the placebo effect as well as interpersonal healing.

Researchers are starting to look at the placebo effect as evidence of how powerful the brain-body link may be, despite the fact that it has been mocked as proof that a certain medication doesn’t function.

However, after taking it, you gradually begin to feel better. Even though you feel better, it’s possible that the drug itself does not work; yet, the fact that your brain thinks it does and acts accordingly demonstrates the strength of the brain-body connection.

So perhaps crystals are ineffective, but if a placebo effect occurs and you do experience healing, it’s possible that utilising crystals may be advantageous for you.

A Word From WinAspire

Although current research hasn’t conclusively shown that crystals help our health and wellbeing, they can be a tool to strengthen your intuition and connection to the land. As a further tool to aid in your path, crystals can also help you practise more. Even if it’s a placebo effect, you can discover that utilising crystals while meditating helps you become more focused and at peace with yourself.