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Overcoming the Stigma Around Medication With Actor Taye Diggs

Overcoming the Stigma Around Medication With Actor Taye Diggs

Overcoming the Stigma Around Medication With Actor Taye Diggs

Overcoming the Stigma Around Medication With Actor Taye Diggs

Meet Taye Diggs

Actor Taye Diggs has performed on Broadway and in numerous TV shows and motion pictures. He is most recognised for his performances in “Rent,” “Private Practice,” “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” “Brown Sugar,” “The Best Man,” and “Malibu’s Most Wanted,” among other films and television shows.

He currently has a starring role in the fifth season of The CW television programme “All American.” He will also serve as the host of the brand-new reality dating programme “Back in the Groove.”

He has authored a number of children’s books that tackle difficult subjects like bullying, racial injustice, and split families Overcoming the Stigma Around Medication With Actor Taye Diggs.

Why Taye Diggs Is Mentally Strong

Taye didn’t need to disclose to anyone his struggles with insomnia or the fact that he had started taking medicine. But he made the decision to go public with his tale.

He desires to inspire others to seek assistance when necessary and to do so earlier than he did.


“He waited 13 years to see a doctor for his insomnia, and now he wants other people to go to their doctor about any physical or mental health issues they are having earlier.”

What You’ll Hear on the Show

  • When Taye started having trouble falling asleep, what happened to make him realise.
  • how bad his issue had gotten, and what he sought to do to get better sleep.
  • Why he was reluctant to speak with his doctor.
  • The connection between Taye’s insomnia and his anxiety.
  • How he attempted to persuade himself he wasn’t having a problem.
  • How starting treatment affected his life.
  • How he handled his reluctance to ask for assistance.
  • Reasons Taye chose to begin taking medication.
  • What he believes about the negative connotations attached to using medicine.
  • How to deal with the discomfort or humiliation of discussing a problem with your doctor.

What You’ll Learn About Mental Health and Mental Strength

Sometimes we believe we are capable of handling any issue we encounter. Alternately, we persuade ourselves that the symptoms we’re displaying are typical and that we shouldn’t take action.

However, it takes mental fortitude to admit when something is wrong and to discuss it with someone. It’s difficult to ask for aid. However, the hardest step is typically the first one.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that experts will give you their opinions. In the end, you are the authority on the type of treatment you wish to attempt. They may advise medication, counselling, dietary modifications, and alternative remedies.

Quotes From Taye

Most people are unaware of the value of a restful night’s sleep. It’s just as crucial as eating and drinking, if not more so.

“The term “insomnia” has a negative connotation. And I always believed that they were strange, acting like zombies, and that they never slept through the night. And that’s what I was going through—just not being able to let [my] body function normally.”

“The dynamics all around me were the same, but I saw them and approached life in a different way. And that’s awesome.”